leading Engineering@ SpotHero – Technology

Technology May 2019

  1. The SpotHero monolith is Python/Django
  2. The Parking Panda monolith is c#/.net (SpotHero acquired Parking Panda in Spring 2017)
  3. We were extracting core functionality from our monolith to build out services. We had a service in Golang and a service in Java/Kotlin
  4. Getting engineers to use “new” services was hard
  5. We were somewhere between trying to really scale whilst still being a Feature Factory
  6. Our Public API was badly in need of better documentation and upgrading
  7. There was strong ‘Language Camps’ for backend services between GoLang and Kotlin
  8. Most knowledge was in peoples’ head and not documented
  9. What actually was Tech debt was “fuzzy”
  10. We had DevOps mindset
  11. Data was not really owned. Hygiene was low. Very little quality reporting
  12. Everyone was responsible for Security
  13. Quality Assurance was one team and they were testing manually

Technology May 2020

My Approaches/Perspectives – Be honest about what we need vs what we would like. Design in the open and become better. Be open to feedback. Do not over engineer. Technical debate is good, but will end with a hypothesis. Diversity brings different perspectives. Document the Why. Data needs experts. Own your work.

Where did we get to?

  1. Established New Technical Leadership approach – fully transparent – has reps for every stack
  2. Hired Technical Educators not Technical Dictators
  3. Committed to getting all engineers technical mentors
  4. Focused on and prioritized tackling Tech Debt
  5. Focused our Backend Services on GoLang and Kotlin
  6. Adopting Modern Software Development practices throughout engineering
  7. Aggressively upgrading to latest versions for Languages and Frameworks
  8. Started evolving the Monolith to a modular monolith, extract only when it’s needed
  9. Focus on having a strong public facing API to support our Business partners
  10. Got our first SecOps person
  11. Built out a Data Science and Data Engineering squads
  12. Emphasized the importance of Data
  13. Upgrading required Engineering Leadership technical skillset
  14. Built a squad of 3.5 SDET to travel the journey of automated testing through SpotHero

Technology 2021

  1. Content management System (Prismic)
  2. Authentication (Auth0)
  3. Security Group
  4. Rotation of Secrets
  5. Education for all staff on Security
  6. Operator Data Warehouse
  7. SIQ
  8. Sunset Parking Panda and Blue Access

Technology 2022

  1. Domain Driven Design and Event Storming
  2. Monolith Platform Squad
  3. Front End Enablement work
  4. Measuring Tech Debt and Maintenance work
  5. NIST
  6. Engineering Reviews
  7. Working with Lyft
  8. Working with Apple
  9. Uptime 99.98%
  10. Open Telemetry
  11. Multi-Region Platform
  12. Tax Remittance Framework
  13. Bot Attack – Fraud
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