Recommendations for Eric

This page include recommendations from people who have worked with Eric throughout his Career.

Tiffany Voltz

Chief People Officer SpotHero

I had the pleasure of working with Eric at SpotHero where he was originally hired as VP of Engineering. We partnered together during a time where the Engineering group was at the early stages of hyper growth and new department structures and roles were being created. Through that experience it became abundantly clear that Eric is a true people leader. He viewed his team as human beings outside of the workplace too and he made a point to be intentional about getting to know his team and being a model for what leadership looks like.

He isn’t afraid to make the hard decisions; he embraces change and balances that change with proactive communication; and his sense of humor can help everyone from getting mired down in the oft-lived experience in the start-up world of taking ourselves too seriously. He is a skillful technologist, a lifelong learner of all things, a creative problem-solver, an inspirational leader and more importantly, an incredibly caring human being.

Elan Mosbacher

Chief Strategy Officer

Eric’s competitive advantage is the combination of technology and human-centric leadership. Of course Eric can solve technology challenges, but Eric is also incredibly strong as a company and people leader. Would be glad to work together again and would place Eric as one of the top technology leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with to-date. Don’t take my word for it, read the other 100+ recommendations on LinkedIn.

Larry Kiss

Co-Founder & Chief Architect Officer
January 20, 2021, Larry managed Eric directly

It’s very rare to come across such a strong Engineering Leader as Eric Brooke. I hired Eric as the VP of Engineering (head of engineering) at SpotHero in April 2019, and he has reported to me since. What makes Eric such a powerful leader is his commanding grasp of leading humans across every level of seniority, paired with his undying technical acumen (he’s constantly continuing his education). His three previous experiences as an Executive really showed through. Eric was given no direction when he took the reins at SpotHero, and was quickly able to expand his influence well beyond engineering (ie he’s really good at solving complex problems, regardless of source). Examples include Eric scaling Engineering from 40+ engineers to 80+ engineers, in under a year. He’s also developed strong partnerships with Product, and drove incredible transparency across all of SpotHero. I could go on; the list is quite long.

In the 2 years since joining SpotHero, not only has Eric taken on the additional responsibility of Business Analytics, Data Science and IT, but he’s also been added to our Executive / Senior Leadership Team. As an Executive (and even before), Eric’s leadership knows no boundaries. He thinks very strategically (well outside product, engineering and data) while still being able to mobilize many teams across multiple departments to execute.

Whenever I search for a VP of Engineering, be it for my company or one that I’m advising, I always ask myself whether I could see this person as the CTO. For Eric, it’s a resounding yes.

Attila Domokos

Chief Information Officer

July 12, 2021, Attila reported directly to Eric

“Hello, my name is Eric, and I am the VP of Engineering at SpotHero. What questions do you have for me?” – was the question that started my relationship with Eric as I was going through the interview process with SpotHero. He prompted me to ask questions, as I could learn a lot about the position, about him that way, and in turn, he assessed who I was, what I was interested in.

This management style followed as I reported to Eric as a Senior Staff Engineer: he listened, took notes, and followed up on our conversations. I suggested a couple of larger engineering initiatives to him that he took to the engineering and business leadership, gained backing, and asked me to implement them. His trust, his hands-off management style provided freedom for senior and principal engineers to execute these projects.

I would turn to Eric for mentoring in engineering leadership in the future, as there is a lot I could learn from him to be an effective, humble, passionate, empathetic leader.

Chris Ramacciotti

Staff Engineer at Patient Pattern

Working in an organization with Eric at the technological helm was a treat for me as en engineer. To see psychological safety actively cultivated by our CTO set the stage and expectations for everyone else in engineering and beyond. As an engineer, feeling like my ideas were not only genuinely taken into consideration, but also actively enlisted to guide the future of our practices, served to dignify the craft of anyone (like myself) who participated as an individual contributor.

I am ever grateful for Eric’s attention to our emotional experiences, especially during the pandemic. I believe that their human-centered approach is one that provides critical support not only during unusual times of need, but also in the generative, day-to-day functioning of a healthy engineering organization. Making space for blameless postmortems and tech debt is an act of acknowledgment that, inherent to building a sustainable product is building sustainable culture, namely one in which the folks who work on that product feel like their work fits into their lives, and that there’s space for them to attend to the health of that product during working hours.

To say Eric was fully supportive of this approach would subtly disregard the reality that they act as a driver of this approach, always acknowledging that we are all humans, carrying out the work of our functional roles in the broader context of our existence. It’s my understanding that this is at the root of Eric’s insistence that we never call people “resources”. And never once working in Eric’s organization did I feel like a resource. Language and culture matter, but we bear the fruits of that message only when there is widespread adoption of that message, starting with C-suite leaders. Eric is that leader. I’d work for them again in a heartbeat.

Ashwin Sawh

Director of Engineering
February 19, 2020, Ashwin reported directly to Eric

I currently work with Eric at Spothero in Chicago. Eric does not settle for the status quo. He pushes both Engineers and leaders to grow while providing them with the tools and impetus to do so. He is transparent and is always open to having empathetic conversations and mentorship with anyone at the company. I often seek his advice and perspectives and he always offers an angle I hadn’t considered.

Eric is an excellent balance of decisiveness and thoughtfulness as an Engineering VP. Scaling an organization at the people level is difficult but he is doing a masterful job thus far. He actively works towards increasing chemistry and consistent collaboration amongst his teams. He also has a knack for understanding the underlying needs of a team and arms them with the necessary tools.

Eric is clearly a technologist. He has a passion for both technology and product. He is always up-to-date on current industry standards and aims to balance the current needs of the market with scaling for future growth.

Greg Svitak

Sr Dir of Technology and Field Service @ Terawatt

March 3, 2020, Eric was senior to Greg

Eric is a thoughtful, steady, strategic technology leader. He is a great blend of a product driven engineer, a senior mentor and coach for anyone in his org, and a strong personality who can bring people together.

Eric’s greatest strength is to think of the engineers and their daily lives first and the ability to align their needs with the company goals.

His strong leadership has allowed SpotHero to build the foundation for the engineering org to scale for “SpotHero 3.0”. He listens first and reacts second. His drive for diverse opinions is awesome and a great lesson for me as a leader.

Steve Tiufekchiev

Chief Evangelist at Yello

April 19, 2019, Steve worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is one of those rare “techies” who commands respect from both his technical and business peers. As a former entrepreneur himself, he understands business realities and limitations as he seeks to solve technical challenges. While at Yello, Eric focused on translating idealized aspirations (our never-ending wishlist) into executable and real-world achievable results while leading a large group of very talented engineers – not easy to say the least. He approached every problem with a thirst for understanding the underlying context (our industry), not just the stated problem – to ensure he was looking down the road and not just in front. Eric’s secret sauce is that he brings a business reality to every conversation with a focus on making it happen and not letting the tech box him in. His world travels and neverending interest in culture has instilled a sense of confidence which is tangible but not overbearing. Need Eric to have a difficult conversation with an executive – he’s got it. Lead a team by example – Eric steps up. Sit back and let a team member thrive – Eric is there to mentor. To sum it up, he will be missed tremendously.

Trent Kan

Senior Software Engineer at

April 11, 2019, Trent reported directly to Eric

Eric has a unique way of relating to people and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with him over the past year. As a day to day manager of people, he knows when to push the team to deliver and when to back off and let the team work through issues on their own. One of his key strengths is humanizing the relationship between himself and his direct reports and it allows him to be an effective manager of his team and within his team. While he is excellent at crafting relationships between his teams and himself, he is even better helping the team build chemistry within the team. He brings a playful and positive attitude to work everyday, yet can balance that with a ‘get work done’ attitude that allows all of his teams to perform at high levels. I don’t consider Eric as my manager — I consider him my friend and mentor. He has challenged me to grow as a professional by guiding me towards projects / feature ownership that put me outside my comfort zone technically. This quality is expected of a software engineering manager. However, he has also challenged me to grow as a person, and its’ his genuine approach to working with people that make me appreciate him so much. He encourages people to have the tough conversations, to give honest feedback and to create a safe space for team members to be able to communicate and work together without it coming off as harsh or unproductive. Outside of his engineering teams, he is a champion for the engineering and product departments as a whole, and it’s a skill that will make him an incredible leader wherever he goes. He’s not afraid to ask the difficult questions that many will shy away from asking, and if you need him to defend a position, he will do so with passion. He has a clear vision for product and technology and is able to communicate easily between the business and engineering departments. After a year under his guidance, I can confidently say that I grew as an engineer but more importantly as a person. I’m thankful that we crossed paths at this point in my career as he has guided me down the right path on many occasions.

William Best

Staff Engineer at

April 10, 2019, William reported directly to Eric

I have worked as a direct report to Eric at both my current and previous companies. Eric was the sole reason I joined Enova. He has a way of inspiring people that isn’t fake or disingenuous. I joined Enova because I wanted to become a better manager and I felt like I had that opportunity under Eric. Now, 2 years later at Yello, I’m taking the step in to management and I have Eric to thank. Eric is the type of person that will push you, he will find ever nook and cranny to dig into to push you to betterment. At the same time, he is cognizant about your limits and boundaries. He is empathetic to personal weaknesses and works to build an environment that is safe for self discovery. His methodologies sometimes seem unorthodox but that is only because so often people are looked as resources and not humans. He often likes to use board games and role playing games as way to bring teams together. His motto should probably be “A team that plays together, stays together”. Playing so many games with him has also made me appreciate that he is a skilled strategist and has a knack for always being a few steps ahead of us. I truly appreciate the time and energy that Eric has invested in me and the many other people that report to him. Eric’s priority is as a leader, as a mentor but rarely did I ever feel like Eric was a boss (in the best possible way). Every problem we solved, we solved together even if that meant just knowing he had the teams back and would fight for it. I think Eric is the perfect fit for any organization that is looking to build high functioning, happy and productive teams, departments or organizations.
Amanda Hinchman-Dominguez

Software Engineer at

April 9, 2019, Amanda reported directly to Eric

Eric is the best manager I’ve personally had and one of the best engineering managers Yello has seen to date. I only joined Yello a couple months after, but it’s astounding to see how the engineering department and the company evolved into an truly organic unit with constant cross-team collaboration. The individuals that I have seen work under his management have all progressed to their next steps in their careers and are also contributing to the organization as individuals and as a team. Eric has a this contagious self-starter mentality that is really hard to match, and any organization that is lucky enough to have him will see his effect long after he’s gone. For myself, Eric has given me a lot of personal and professional guidance and I’ve grown in such a way that I have focus on what I need to do to continue to challenge myself, do what is necessary as a team player to keep our work commitments running as smoothly as possible, create positive grassroots movements in start-ups, and do so in a way that enables free-flowing communication everywhere I go. Everyone remembers bad managers they’ve had, but it is an absolute privilege to have a manager to give me the guidance and resources to grow, push me and my colleagues with high expectations, and give us freedom to explore innovations. Eric’s leadership is the kind of fire where setting goals and meeting them is not enough – continuous delivery and encouraging innovation is what creates true ownership and understanding the problem your product solves. Thanks for all you’ve done at Yello and for myself – I’ll be looking forward to our paths crossing again!

Marian Dadzie

Senior Software Engineer In Test at

April 9, 2019, Marian reported directly to Eric

Now here is a genuine Manager of Teams. When it comes to leading with intent and empathy, empowering and fighting for the needs of the team, he’s simply unmatched. Having personally being scouted by him and subsequently reporting to him, it been such an honor. And don’t have enough words to articulate my sincere appreciation of the whole process. Grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from you. You are a true gem to any Company/Team. And look forward to our path crossing again.

Kevin Jacob

Senior iOS Engineer at

April 8, 2019, Kevin reported directly to Eric

Eric is by far the best manager I have ever had. He will not only guide/mentor/advice you from a technical perspective but from a people perspective as well. Eric is amazing at figuring out areas for improvement AND potential. I always felt like I had a unique relationship with Eric and this is because Eric has a unique relationship with all his co-workers, even when he was managing 4-5 teams. He approaches everyone differently because people are all different and Eric is great at figuring out what style of communication and guidance works for that person and the team. Eric is proactive, thoughtful and encouraging and if you are lucky enough to work with him you’ll leave the experience having learned something new.

Corinne Maloof

Scrum Master at

March 27, 2019, Eric was senior to Corinne but didn’t manage directly

Oh man, Eric is the best! From an engineering leadership perspective, he’s cream of the crop. He’s passionate about creating a great engineering department so much so that I’d love to see him move into a VP of Engineering role as I find his skills and personality make him a perfect fit for the role. He’s insanely knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond by mentoring small start ups and individuals outside of work. He’s direct and smart, and really cares about the psychological safety of his people and department. 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Zamir Syed

Tech-Lead Manager, Software Engineering at Google

March 8, 2019, Zamir worked with Eric in different groups

If you are ever looking for someone to manage a highly talentedgroup of creative, self-driven people each with a proven trackrecord, then Eric is the multiplier you seek.

Huy Dinh

Senior Software Engineer II at

December 19, 2018, Huy reported directly to Eric

I am a software engineer who had the pleasure to be under Eric’s supervision and mentorship. First and foremost, Eric always listened and was always responsive to my concerns and troubles on a daily basis, and always gave me helpful advices. Eric cares about my future professional growth. He listened to my interests, always took notes of my strengths and weaknesses, and helped me figure out the next step of my career that aligns to my interests as well as the organization’s direction. Eric always stays informed with new technologies, following passionately new software engineering architectures/patterns to continue providing us good guidance. He always cares about our team physical health as well as team morale and happiness. One time when our team was struck with sickness, he encouraged me to work from home if necessary to avoid spreading sickness around, as well as dropping some fruits on my desk to, according to him, get more vitamin C and stay healthy. Those are small gestures, but are always appreciated, and that was among many things that I like about him. In addition, Eric never hesitated to call out some of my decisions that might have impacted negatively to our team morale, and I appreciated those advices a lot as well. Eric is also active and influential to our organization’s engineering culture and recruiting processes. He helped our organization in establishing new cultural values. He reached out to software engineers to discuss about new interviewing standards to improve our recruiting process. Eric is proactive, caring, diligent, and is easily one of the best engineering managers that I have ever worked with.

Cameron White

Product Manager at Yello

December 18, 2018, Cameron worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is one of the most genuine and transparent leaders I’ve worked with. He makes it a point to ensure his teams have a safe environment to work in and are able to grow and perform beyond expectations. He will always fight for his teams and their needs. As an ally to product, Eric is someone who understands the challenges presented to business. I trust him, completely, to be a great partner in tackling any obstacle.

Aziz Benjamin Harrington

Senior Software Engineer at

December 10, 2018, Aziz Benjamin reported directly to Eric

A great mentor and coach, Eric understands both the people and technical sides crucial to software development, and is able to help those who report to him grow in both areas. He also has a deep understanding of team dynamics & psychology, which he uses to find ways to help teams reporting to him become more effective. Most of all, Eric is a pleasure to work with due to his keen sense of humor and sincere care for his coworkers.

Rob Timpone

Staff Engineer at

October 6, 2018, Rob reported directly to Eric

Since joining Yello earlier this year, Eric has dramatically improved the team I’m on and has given me the actionable feedback I need to continue growing as an engineer. He’s fun to work with, knows software development very well, and is an excellent leader. I’ve already learned a lot from him and appreciate his direct, honest communication style. You can tell he cares about the people he manages and genuinely wants each of them to succeed. Overall he’s a great engineering manager and I’ve really enjoyed working with him!

Daniel Schepers

Senior Software Engineer II at Yello

September 20, 2018, Daniel reported directly to Eric

Eric is by far the best manager I’ve ever had. He’s keenly aware of where each of his team members is in their career and where they want to go. He provides actionable feedback, identifies and removes blockers, finds new opportunities, challenges team members to pursue them, and provides guidance on how to do so.

Matt Danforth

Principal User Interface Engineer at Enova International

April 12, 2018, Eric worked with Matt in the same group

Eric is driven to make the most out of all circumstances he finds himself in. Continually pressing to improve experiences and collaboration, Eric is a bit like Tron in that he Fights for the User. An exhaustive researcher, he immerses himself in the subject matter at hand and comes out with fresh and supportable perspectives that advance the initiative.

Diwant Vaidya

Senior Software Engineer at Enova International

March 12, 2018, Diwant worked with Eric in different groups

Eric Brooke has an uncanny way of discovering and communicating the essence of a discussion or conflict. He is able to incorporate his diverse experience and deliver approachable, relatable leadership that encourages participation from his team members and colleagues. At our place of work, Eric was a stalwarts of our workplace culture, shaping a pleasant workplace environment. Any team would be lucky to have him.

Robert Chen

Technology Platform Manager at Cengage Learning

March 4, 2018, Robert worked with Eric in different groups

Eric has a certain spark about him that makes him great to work with. He has a very unique background

in Politics, Management, and Engineering that makes him fascinating to talk with. More importantly,

I found him to be extremely detail-oriented in the new product initiative he spearheaded for Enova

with a focus on what I felt were the right things. Eric would be a great addition to any management team looking to create something special or wanting to get the most out of a team.

Scott Gordon

Lead Product Manager at Enova International

February 28, 2018, Eric worked with Scott in the same group

Working with Eric on the same team has been great. He has broad experience in technology and other areas and uses it to his advantage. Eric taps into his experience by asking tough questions and ensuring we come to the right answer. Eric always has a strategic vision and is passionate about making the right decisions not only for the short term but also setting things up for future success. Eric has personally challenged me to think differently in many circumstances. Eric has a knack for building a team and figuring out how to get the most out of each individual as well as ensuring the team dynamic is strong. Working with Eric has been fantastic and he is a great asset to any team.

Tom Kousgaard

P&L Leader – Australia and Canada Lending at Enova International

February 6, 2018, Tom managed Eric directly

Eric is a leader, who thinks rationally and independently through difficult decisions and always puts the Company, Market and Customer first when making those key decisions. He’ll make the tough decision, even if not popular based on the way it’s always been done, if it’s the right direction for the Company and team.Eric and I worked together on new product development and Eric challenged what was done in the past in an attempt to make sure the future was even brighter. I could trust his thought process and motives and he was a huge asset to the shape of our deliverables.

Eric was specifically serving on the team as the technical lead. He was quickly able to get through the details of what the best path forward was given all the different technologies within our Company and worked hard to deliver products/features that enable all business requirements. He also evolved the architecture to build a better platform for the future.

Through my time with Eric he consistently served as the champion for the customer first, through innovative UX, UI and naive mobile apps.

I look forward to many projects in the future with Eric, because bottom line, he’s that good.

Erik Nielsen

Senior UI Software Engineer at ServiceNow

February 1, 2018, Eric was senior to Erik but didn’t manage directly

Absolutely fantastic manager and great to work with… excellent and technical organization and maintaining interpersonal relationships with colleagues.

C. Alan Zoppa

Lead Software Engineer

October 10, 2017, Eric worked with C. Alan in the same group

Eric and I worked together for a little over a year. In that time, I watched him tireless champion initiatives that were under heavy, skeptical scrutiny and lead them to success. He literally devised a mobile application strategy from scratch, then built and trained a team around it.When I interviewed him originally, it took all of ten minutes before I was convinced I wanted to work with him and abandoned my original agenda in order to persuade him to join the company.

Zachary Gallup

Software Engineering Manager at Narrative Science

October 7, 2017, Eric was senior to Zachary but didn’t manage directly

I worked with Eric for two years, and through that time he has exemplified teamwork and dedication. Eric has a true passion for his work, and a special talent for facilitating professional and personal growth from his peers. Whether it’s through his work starting and facilitating a professional development book club or through his small team leadership meetings he is always willing to go above and beyond to bring other people in the company up. Eric is also adept at building company-wide initiatives as evidenced by his work on regarding diversity or bringing Native Mobile to Enova. Eric is a very effective communicator and I have seen him countless times work with stakeholders to determine requirements and have meaningful conversations with business stakeholders regarding push back and timeline planning. Eric has helped me grow my career in leadership and management. I would give Eric my highest recommendation as a leader and technologist.

Bridget Ascenzo, CIPP-E

IT Risk Lead at Enova International

October 6, 2017, Eric was senior to Bridget but didn’t manage directly

From the start, Eric has been a dynamic, intellectually curious, knowledgeable, productive, charismatic force here at Enova. In addition to the initiatives and work-related successes he’s driven, he’s been a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in a variety of forms and through a variety of means from formal presentations to written messages to literally walking people over to each other to be introduced. Enova on the whole is better for him being here. He is a roll-up-your-sleeves leader who lives his values every day and makes you aspire to do the same.

John Schloman

Lead Engineer at Enova International

October 6, 2017, Eric was senior to John but didn’t manage directly

My career intersected with Eric when I came on at Enova as Lead Engineer. We met first through the management book club where Eric was a strong guiding voice. He sought to not just extract the diversity of opinions from the participants but pull them up into active members who would lead in discussion. This was a good introduction to Eric. As my career at Enova continued I would see Eric constantly engaging myself and the larger Enova software engineering team through one-on-one discussions, small group coaching and formal presentations. Eric is holistic so he wasn’t merely interacting on topics of problem solving or management. Instead he looked broader than that into issues of business product, employee benefits and diversity (as a few of the many examples). Eric has the acumen to draw participation from all of the company’s employees on these issues. He ferments a culture of ownership. For me personally this has involved coaching on management and working on the social aspects of a software group. Eric has been a crucial part of my growth as a manager of people.

Lizzie Clark

Senior Talent Acquisition at Weedmaps

September 8, 2017, Lizzie worked with Eric in different groups

It is hard to describe Eric because I’ve never met anyone like him. He is direct, smart, sincere and passionate about everything he puts his mind to. I was his recruiter as he relocated from Canada to Chicago. We jumped hurdles together with the visa process, adjusting to American norms, finding the right neighborhood for him and his partner and getting an apartment.I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Eric as he is an advocate for recruiting and hiring top talent at Enova. Eric acts as a true business partner to stakeholders and is willing to push for what’s best, even if it’s not what’s easy. We’ve had enlightening conversations around diversity, inclusion and EQ over scones that he sometimes makes for his team (shameless plug in hopes he makes more!). He is a great listener even when topics are heavy or complicated. This can be hard to find in leaders. I feel Eric is an asset to any company he joins and I am looking forward to working with him on more challenges in the future.

Jef Jonjevic

Director of Software Engineering at

August 23, 2017, Jef managed Eric directly

I had the pleasure of working with Eric during his first year and a half at Enova. I was extremely excited from the initial phone screen and sensed immediatley that Eric would be a strong addition to the engineering leadership team. My initial assessment was proven correct over the first few months while I observed his dedication and commitment in helping establish our mobile engineering team and platform.Utilizing his good communication skills Eric effortlessly expresses his opinions, concerns and ideas in any group setting. I’ve observed him collaborate effectively with others on topics ranging from diversity and leadership to architecture and design. He facilitates productive engagements between both engineering and product management and is not afraid to push back on either side of the table.

Eric, like myself, champions for the end-user of the software he helps build which at times may lead to heated debates and conversations across departments but ultimitely reduces unnecessary development and promotes a better user experience.

One thing that I truley admire about Eric is his commitment and desire to understand everyone he encounters on a fundamental human level. His managerial and leadership skills have been influenced by this empathetic nature which has positvely impacted not only the careers of the engineers reporting to him but also his peers surrounding him.

I am proud to have worked closely with Eric and would embrace the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.

Michael Blatter

Senior Software Engineer at divvyDOSE

May 31, 2017, Michael reported directly to Eric

Eric is an exceptional manager and it was my pleasure to work with him. The commitment he has to his team and passion for our projects makes him a tremendous asset.Eric mentored me to become a more effective leader, listened to my problems, and encouraged me when I needed it. He sets the bar pretty high in what it means to be a good manager.

Rachel Caileff

Lead Software Development Engineer in Test

May 29, 2017, Rachel reported directly to Eric

I have found Eric to be a highly motivational leader. He clearly cares about his people and wants us, the company, and our customers to succeed. He serves as both a mentor and an advocate, not only for his team members but also for other engineers who can benefit from his experience.Eric empowers his team members by encouraging us to take ownership of challenges and learn the skills to solve them. He promotes personal development and encourages us to expand our horizons. Eric has fostered teamwork and communication among the mobile engineers, teaching us to better understand each other.

Eric’s first action upon completing training at Enova was to take on the challenge of leading a struggling team who had spent the preceding month leaderless. Over the course of his time managing Enova’s mobile engineers Eric has taken on different roles within the team to provide the greatest value as the team’s needs changed. He has cleared the obstacles that blocked the team, worked with the recruiting team to bring experienced iOS and Android developers into the company, and used his excellent public speaking skills to raise awareness of the mobile team throughout Enova.

On the corporate scale Eric has had an impact by founding the Fellowship program, which gives engineers the opportunity to explore new areas that interest them. Each fellowship has the potential to revolutionize some aspect of the company’s technology.

Danila Ulyanov

Engineering Manager at Rally Health

May 25, 2017, Danila worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is a supportive leader invested in his team and company success. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric for two years at Enova. He is passionate about improving the engineering culture, leading initiatives such as starting a book club and providing engineers with opportunities to experiment on concept projects. At the same time Eric stays tech focused as well as people focused. During his first year at Enova he has learned vastly different Enova technology stacks of Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android. He has managed two mobile teams, leading mobile initiative from an unproven concept phase to having it become an established part of the business strategy moving forward. Eric would be a great asset to any leadership team!

Nick Matelli

Mobile Engineer at Enova

May 8, 2017, Nick reported directly to Eric

Throughout my time as an iOS engineer at Enova, Eric directly managed me and oversaw our entire mobile division. He played a large role in building the group through both recruiting efforts and hands-on personal development. Eric was an excellent champion and advocate for the team, building consensus and generating enthusiasm to complete challenging objectives.While Eric possesses the technical understanding and intellectual curiosity of an engineer, his biggest asset is his understanding of relationships. He fostered communication between team members and cleared obstacles for collaboration. Eric also devoted a lot of time getting to know each member of his team, aligning individual strengths and working to develop weaknesses. I was privileged to be able to work so closely with Eric and would relish the opportunity to do so again.

Dan Olsen

Mobile Designer | Computer Science Student | Chicagoan

May 3, 2017, Eric worked with Dan in the same group

I worked with Eric for a year while he served as the manager of the mobile team. Eric is a fantastic manager. He has an expansive understanding of personal relationships and emotional intelligence. Eric advocates for his employees, helps frame conversations in a positive and constructive way, is a resource of knowledge and always encourages learning. He continually questions how we as a company can better serve our customers and actively looks to make the business stronger and better. While also managing the mobile team at Enova, he took on additional responsibilities —including assisting in the China transition, starting a new software engineering blog, advocating for all Enova employees by helping redefine company benefits and leading a learning book club among others — that were above and beyond his job description. Eric has and continues to make a remarkable impact on Enova.

William Best

Staff Engineer at

April 25, 2017, William reported directly to Eric

Eric was one of my main points of contact during the recruiting process. It was due in large part to him that I took the job.As a manager, Eric is an excellent mentor and coach. He cares deeply about the success and happiness of his employees and works hard to understand the communication styles and quirks of each person.

As a technologist and advocate for mobile, Eric has an impeccable level understanding while knowing when to take risks. He has pushed the mobile department to success. He is always striving to leverage technology to improve our customers lives and experiences.

It was truly a pleasure to get to work with Eric and I hope everyone has an opportunity to work with a manager who cares as much as he does.

Dustin Hansen

Software Engineering Leader (I’m Hiring!!)

February 26, 2017, Eric worked with Dustin in the same group

Eric has great leadership skills. He is a very inspiring presence to have in your organization. He is great with inter-personal communications and rallying a team around a common goal. He’s great at knowing what it takes to keep a team functioning at a high level at all times.

Blake Thomas

Experienced leader in software engineering, Director of Engineering at eSpark Learning

September 19, 2016, Blake was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

I’ve stayed at Enova for as long as I have because of the high quality of the people I’ve had the privilege to work with. Eric has continued that thread by bringing appreciable experience and acumen as an engineer, but more importantly a pronounced and personable humanity, to his role and the team.Eric joined Enova at the beginning of 2016 just as we were experiencing a spate of departures. Some of it had to do with our historically lucrative bonuses temporarily dampened by missed earnings against particularly aggressive targets. Much of it however had to do with the growing pains of an organization coming to terms with its age. This was clearly being felt up and down the org chart, and particularly in software engineering.

None of this seemed to phase Eric though, and it still hasn’t. He stepped in and quietly (at first) and humanely (still) began to encourage everyone, regardless of position, to do more. We found ourselves crafting programs to foster experimentation and inquiry, examining institutions carefully and with a new eye, and overall talking more about the things that seemed to matter. Through it all Eric made questions that once seemed awkward and hard to navigate seem natural, all while weathering a difficult season of change both in the organization at large and in the mobile team Eric was managing.

I myself look forward to any day where I get to work with Eric shoulder to shoulder. I cannot imagine an organization that wouldn’t benefit greatly from Eric’s presence, nor can I imagine any future team of mine where he would be anything less than welcome as a friend, a peer, an engineer, and a leader.

Michael Vasilev

Business Design Consultant at Rotman DesignWorks

July 11, 2016, Eric worked with Michael in the same group

Eric is a natural leader, a gifted communicator, and a great campaigner. He was an incredible force during our campaign to elect Mira Oreck, bringing bright ideas and new perspectives on our processes and approaches, bringing a wealth of experience from the UK. He was particularly talented at training, motivating, and mobilizing volunteers — working wonders for our voter contact and E-Day efforts.

Jennifer Cooper

Founding Partner, Software Developer at Robot Overlord

October 10, 2015, Jennifer reported directly to Eric

Eric genuinely cares for the health and happiness of all the people on his team. He is an ambitious team recruiter and an advocate for transparent and collaborative team culture. Eric has the unique gift of being able to see the potential in people and he believes strongly in ongoing learning and self improvement. He unites a company as one and inspires people to be their best selves. During his time at CWB, he introduced agile methodologies to the company, and user research to make pragmatic product decisions. He involved the entire organization in business modelling and he also designed features and programmed them into our codebase.

Victoria Potter

Marketing strategy + content rollout

September 28, 2015, Victoria worked with Eric in different groups

Eric was the glue that held the team together! His talent for technical and strategic directives was a real asset, thanks to his combined development and marketing experience. An honest and straightforward leader, Eric modernized Casting Workbook’s culture by leading with transparency, communication and thoughtfulness.

Susan Fox

President at Casting Workbook Services, Inc. and Owner, Casting Workbook Services, Inc.

September 26, 2015, Susan managed Eric directly

Eric may be one of the most interesting people I have had the pleasure of working with. He has an unusually diverse background with intense communication and people skills that are unparalleled.

He is great with team building and his connections in the in community are impressive. He worked in software development as well as product management and provided training in feedback. He also helped develop relationships that may one day turn into strategic partnerships. I have no hesitation in recommending Eric and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Rachel Teo

Product Lead at BC Children’s Hospital Digital Lab

July 24, 2015, Rachel reported directly to Eric

Eric is an empathetic manager that really cares about the people he works with, he gives us space to do our jobs but provides structure when needed. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric at two separate companies. As a Product & Software development manager, he is a strategic thinker, tech savvy, focused, persuasive, and a great listener. He does a brilliant job of leading the design & dev team and communications between both internal and external stakeholders and the team. As a person he is an interesting mix of confident/tenacious/decisive yet humble, he will admit when he got it wrong and he is self-aware.

Brooklyn Zelenka

CEO & Chief Scientist at SPADE Co 👩‍🔬 Functional Programmer 🧙‍♀️ FT Open Sourceress

June 25, 2015, Brooklyn reported directly to Eric

Eric feels more like a business partner than a boss. I would highly recommend working with him.

Eric is an extremely effective people manager — possibly the best that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is absolutely concerned with the wellbeing and career advancement of his team. He is also very open to feedback, and I have seen him actively change more than one company’s culture to be more open 🙂 He doesn’t shrink from challenging feedback, and will give transparent feedback in all cases.

As a product & development manager, Eric is a great go-between for the developers and the rest of the business. He has a full understanding of what it’s like to be a developer and business manager. He also understands modern product development, the iterative development cycle, and flexible feature maps, and takes feedback from stakeholders and the team.

Eric also has a passion for writing software. He regularly contributes major features to the codebase, on top of his management duties. He’s also a lot of fun to pair with! He tends to rotate through pairs, to pick up different ways of doing things from different people.

He has a fairly broad technical background, having experience with both cloud-based and physical servers, several languages, technologies, and is constantly devouring a new book on a different topic every few weeks.

Rebecca Nield

Practice Assistant at MNP

June 16, 2015, Eric was senior to Rebecca but didn’t manage directly

Eric is a passionate and talented individual who puts the same drive and focus into his work as he does in every aspect of his life. While his software development is to be highly recommended, an honourable mention must be given to his determination that every work environment should be fair and creatively inspiring. The biggest changes I noticed when Eric came into the office were that the overall work conditions improved, effectiveness in all employees increased, and communication between departments opened up. I would definitely work with him again if the chance presented itself.

Glenn Douglas Hall

Operations Manager/Director of Educational Outreach at Casting Workbook Services Inc.

June 16, 2015, Eric worked with Glenn Douglas in the same group

I have worked with Eric for the past 10 months at Casting Workbook. He is constantly impressing me with his technology, organizational, interpersonal skills and knowledge of the entertainment industry from a global perspective. He is insightful, perceptive and willing to ask the difficult questions that help people see new perspectives and move forward in their decision making process. He has helped us progress our understanding of our customer base, business models, product development and bug reporting. And thats’ before you talk about the software/design/dev ops team he has built from the ground up.

Michael Brown

CEO at Refactor Software, Inc.

January 29, 2015, Michael was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric is a bright and well spoken software engineer that has a remarkable gift for communicating effectively. He picks up new concepts very quickly with a clear understanding of the material. Eric is curious at heart and a natural leader – when he doesn’t know something he is quick to admit it, and go off and learn it inside and out. I would welcome working with Eric again within any team.

Alexandra Greenhill

Physician CEO innovator. Leader and public speaker. Focused on tech that 10x impacts people’s health and life.

November 21, 2014, Alexandra was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric has been an incredibly dynamic and effective contributor to the Vancouver Startup community for years now (and for those who know my addiction to reading and putting my reading into immediate practice, I have met my match!).

Eric joined the myBestHelper team to help us out and embraced the myBestHelper cause from day one, contributing so much with passion and creativity. It is my pleasure to recommend Eric as both a member of a team and as a Ruby on Rails developer. He is intelligent, hardworking and passionate and I wish him all the best on his next adventures.

Stephanie Phillips

Recent graduate of Adler University, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

November 5, 2014, Eric worked with Stephanie in the same group

Eric was great at translating technology into something both I and the customer would understand. He is very patient and is passionate about helping and training his teammates. When I had requests for bug fixes and improvements on behalf of our customers, he got the job done quickly, communicated to me effectively and left documentation for others. He also guided me through learning github and creating bug reports that were detailed and clear for our developers.

Around the office he was light-hearted and made it his mission to see every person smile and laugh each day, whilst respecting their need for concentration. He also didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions, to make sure that our product was best serving our customers. He is skilled at giving helpful and constructive feedback. He is a great guy to work through ideas with and has been an asset to the team and it’s culture, and I will miss him here.

Rob Attwell

Founder | COO of Careteam Technologies Inc.

November 4, 2014, Rob was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric is a passionate, curious and hardworking developer with an ever expanding Ruby on Rails toolbox. He brings a unique and powerful set of skills to any task and adds strength to any project with infectious optimism and can do attitude couple with the ability to question and challenge projects in the service of quality. I wholeheartedly recommend Eric for your Rails projects.

Marcin Popielarz

November 3, 2014, Marcin was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric contributed a lot to our code and our culture – he is a hard worker as well as fun to work with. Most of his work was on the Backend from DevOps to Rails, including for example the development of two new features for us, working from the back end to the front end. He got us better organized in testing, in git work flow and documentation, and as any professional contractor, he left us excellent documentation. Beyond his software engineer skills, he also enjoys the translation of technology to human speak and the mentoring of interns.

Jason Binstock

Brand Director – Chief Data Officer Group – Evanta, a Gartner Company

May 9, 2014, Jason was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric definitely left an impression with me during our time spent together at Apple. His journey prior to Apple is pretty remarkable spanning everything from IT positions, to public politics. He brought his worldliness and passion for learning new things to his role as Genius. I remember a number of times where he exemplified true Apple world-class customer service. He had the ability to empathize with customers in sometimes frustrating situations and was able to turn that frustration into appreciation and loyalty. Eric is a problem solver and a quick study, and I am sure he will be successful as a programmer/developer.

William Kral

Lead Senior Developer at Otono

May 6, 2014, William was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

In my time working with Eric I found him very enthusiastic to learn new things and interested in feedback. He also was picking up new concepts and improving his skills as we worked together all the while delivering code. I think he has a promising career in front of him.

David Rowe

Bringing diving into the 21st century

April 6, 2014, Eric worked with David in the same group

Having worked with Eric for the past couple of years I have found him to be a highly motivated person who regularly will take the initiative to create solutions to ongoing problems. He has constantly helped me grow both personally and professionally and am sad to see him go. I would highly recommend him for any team that requires dynamic thinking and dedication to detail.

Manuela Dajic

Preservation and Operations Specialist at Apple

April 3, 2014, Manuela worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is sharp-witted and humorous. We worked together on multiple projects to improve and maintain internal systems and regardless of the complexity or monotony he was always lighthearted. Eric is able to cut to the core of a problem, whilst suggesting multiple solutions. He has ability to see the same problem from many different angles and thus contributed many invaluable ideas for both specific projects and teams.

Eric would be an indispensable asset to any company. He will not only contribute hard skills, but help strengthen the community and organization culture with his humour, insight and his ability to innovate. And if you ever get the opportunity to try any of his cooking or baking – take it!

Bob Scowcroft

Pro at Apple

April 2, 2014, Bob worked with Eric in different groups

I am pleased to comment on Eric’s work at Apple. Eric’s drive and attention to detail made him an invaluable member of our team. I regularly called upon his expertise to solve customer issues and he was always keen and eager to help.

I would not hesitate to choose Eric to be part of any team I was putting together.

Patrick Audley

CTO at Large, Technologist, Security, Blockchain and Scalability Consultant

April 1, 2014, Patrick managed Eric directly

It’s rare to meet something with Eric’s intense enthusiasm and drive to become a solid developer. He was a treat to have in the office and a wealth of valuable information. Eric’s very broad skill set and sunny attitude would be a great asset to any burgeoning company.

Rafe Hatfield

CTO at Lendesk

April 1, 2014, Rafe managed Eric directly

Eric’s obvious enthusiasm and passion for development made him a welcome member of our team. He brought a great attitude and a wealth of world experience, which showed through in everything he did during his tenure. He was a solid team player that genuinely enjoyed sharing his learnings with others whenever the opportunity presented itself, and has the makings of becoming a great developer.

Lindsay McGuinty

Broadband Sales & Marketing Coordinator at NETSPECTRUM

April 1, 2014, Eric worked with Lindsay in the same group

Eric was always a joy to work with. He is a great mentor to colleagues who require his assistance and an eager learner when he is faced with a new challenge or opportunity to learn. Eric has a very positive attitude and has the ability to pass this positive demeanour to his coworkers around him.

Brooklyn Zelenka

CEO & Chief Scientist at SPADE Co 👩‍🔬 Functional Programmer 🧙‍♀️ FT Open Sourceress

March 29, 2014, Eric worked with Brooklyn in the same group

I’ve worked with Eric in several contexts over a few years. Eric is hardworking, creative and compassionate. He has a clear passion for startups and development — especially in Rails (and Ruby generally).

He is always improving himself by reading a large quantity of diverse material, and being active in the tech community. He goes out of his way to enhance to the team’s skill set and culture through informal mentorship and feedback.

He was very eager to cross-pollinate and mentor Rails skills with the rest of the juniors at LX, and organized pair coding nights, collected learning materials for the team, and encouraging code reviews.

I enjoyed coding with him, and learning from him. He wrote a large portion of the test suite on a project when I started at LX, and was a great resource for finding my bearing for how testing is done with RSpec.

Jennifer Cooper

Founding Partner, Software Developer at Robot Overlord

December 12, 2013, Jennifer managed Eric directly

I worked with Eric at the beginning of his Rails/Ruby career. Eric is naturally curious, intelligent and capable of abstracting. During our time together he worked hard and learned a lot about Rails, Ruby and working as a software developer. He committed a lot of his own time and resources into his learning, such as attending the Rails conference in Portland on his own dime and working on weekends.

Eric is also a veteran marketer and strategist. Our company benefited considerably from his diverse skill-set. He is an excellent addition to any tech startup, and will contribute to the company as a whole – not simply the code base. He’s also a really nice guy, and was a pleasure to work with!

Polly Allen

Big data, analytics & search technology consultant. Constantly curious. Loves figuring out & explaining hard things.

July 30, 2013, Eric worked with Polly in the same group

I led a team and pitched a visual resume tool for developers called Codefolio at the Startup Weekend August 2012 in Vancouver, BC. Eric’s deep knowledge in technology, marketing and strategy made him an invaluable mentor and asset to our team. He not only helped us develop and test a viable business model, but also coached me intensively through the pitch preparation so I felt calm and confident – no small feat for my first time pitching technology in front of an audience! He has exceptional public speaking and coaching skills, great strategy insight and a wide technology skill set.

JP Holecka

CEO and Founder of one of BC’s Fastest Growing Companies – POWERSHiFTER

January 29, 2013, JP was a client of Eric’s

Eric worked with us to support a number of Telus websites, his role was to make a large number of changes in an established corporate website working with HTML and occasionally Javascript. Eric was up for the challenge and delivered top notch code for the projects. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others, or hire him again.

Danny Robinson

VP Product at iQmetrix

October 23, 2012, Eric worked with Danny in the same group

Eric was always on the pulse of activity and knew how and when to engage with social media channels in appropriate and effective ways. It’s easy believe that Startup Visa Canada would not have attracted the attention from policy makers and supporters without Eric’s help.

Boris Wertz

founder & general partner at version one ventures

October 15, 2012, Boris worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric did a superb job helping Startup Visa Canada on the PR & communications front – some key articles he initiated kept the momentum of this initiative alive at the right moment.

Justin Woo

Developer Evangelist

February 12, 2012, Eric worked with Justin in the same group

I worked with Eric during a Seattle Startup weekend “Rise of the Designer”. Over that weekend we developed a product called Check-in Chicken which was a tele-presence robot that you could control and monitor over the web.

One thing that immediately impressed me about Eric was his energy and passion. He also has an amazingly diverse skill set. He’s one of those people who can take on absolutely anything and do it incredibly well. He puts his full focus into everything he does and is able to produce great results even under immense pressure and ambiguity.

He took on the business aspect and did an amazing job, from business model to customer validation. He went on to present this during our final pitch, it was so good that the judges were rendered speechless at the end of our pitch. We won best pitch/presentation that night. Truly an honor to work with him.

Andy Baryer

Host/Producer/Media Relations at GetConnected TV/Radio

May 4, 2011, Eric worked with Andy in the same group

Eric Brooke possesses all the qualities of a true leader: Honesty, Competency, Intelligence and Foresight. I had the privileged to work with Eric, and I was impressed by his understanding of Digital Marketing and the psychology behind online user behavior. He is a natural leader with a keen ability to connect people and lead teams towards a common purpose. Possibly his most notable characteristic is his knowledge and understanding of strategy and the elements required for its implementation. Eric is an asset to any organization because he a natural networker, communicator, and team member…I cannot recommend him enough.

Tim Hassed

Founder and Digital strategist at Frank Ideas and Innovation

December 20, 2010, Tim was a client of Eric’s

I’ve worked with Eric for the last 5 months and he has been a great intermediary between TELUS and Blink Media – exactly what you need in a great account manager. He has helped articulate our needs to Blink to ensure the work delivered is of the highest quality and that we have the right team to support us. Eric’s approach is personable and collaborative. He takes the time to balance the needs of both companies. He understands how to build team spirit and is an all round good chap.

Shaji Zaidi

Director, Consulting at CGI

December 13, 2010, Eric worked with Shaji in the same group

Eric is a value driven professional who is exceptionally energetic

whilst being down-to-earth. He possesses the ability to rally and excite people through his powerful story telling skills.His diverse career-path as a chef, a politician and a marketer has made him passionate about people and creative about execution of ideas. As an ex-politician and an avid gamer he has honed his skills of being an effective strategist and forward thinker.With a degree in computer science, and love of gadgets, Eric possesses a comprehensive understanding of technology and its future trends.As a habitual reader he is always well informed; and this enables him to make decisions with a broader perspective and learn from other industries.

I enjoy working with Eric because he creates an environment of innovation whilst keeping us on task. He is open to ideas and exploring new ways of doing things.

Jenefer Lowe


November 8, 2010, Jenefer reported directly to Eric

“Eric’s support was vital during the important first stages of running the Cornish Language Partnership. He is a skilled Chair, able to manage disparate groups and sensitivities well and diffuse tensions. He is supportive of his staff and his ability to judge a situation objectively is very helpful. His leadership was a crucial factor in the success of the Partnership in enabling a variety of interest groups to work together and move forward. I would also note that this was only one aspect of a wide portfolio necessitating constant juggling of priorities and attention to detail.”

Aaron Cruikshank

Tactical Research, Strategy and Business Development Specialist

May 27, 2010, Eric worked with Aaron in the same group

Eric is an amazingly talented guy on a number of fronts whom I have great affinity with. I think one of Eric’s biggest assets is his communications abilities. He can talk his way through most situations and leave everyone involved feeling better for having met him. This is an important skillset in the line of work that him and I are both in because so much of what we do is engaging customers, engaging communities and building relationships.

Eric is an excellent bridge builder and very generous with his time. I’m glad that he is part of the Ignitia team.

Barbara Arseneault

Marketing, Sales, & Communications Executive, Model Suite Staging, Retirement/Senior Living, Real Estate

March 11, 2010, Barbara worked with Eric but at different companies

I recently attended an event by the League of Kickass Business People entitled why “Gaming is more than Just For Gamers”…how gaming can be used to gain valuable consumer information and engage customers through social networking sites and other mediums.

Eric, as facilitator for the event brought together a very interesting group of speakers from the gaming industry. Eric is a high energy master “connector” and is very adept at working a room and faciltating meaningful business connections. I was also pleased to see fellow “marketers” in the room mingling with “techkies” , bridging the divide so to speak which was great. The event was very well received and generated a high level of interest and interaction from the attendees. The event topic was very timely and was the first of it’s kind I had attended that put a marketing context to technical innovations in gaming. Eric has an obvious wide breadth of contacts across different industries. I would recommend Eric to facilitate an event on any topic. He has the energy and resourcefulness to link the necessary resources together to make a successful impactful event.

Barb Arseneault

Director of Marketing

Bosley’s Pet Foods

Marco Pacifico

Product Designer

March 9, 2010, Marco worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric did a great job as facilitator! By encouraging full participation, he made sure the presentation, “Gaming is more than Just For Gamers” (put on by the League of Kickass Business People) was not just a presentation, but rather a genuine discussion. Beyond facilitating debate, Eric was fantastic at facilitating networking. Within minutes of speaking to me, he knew exactly who to introduce me to, and ended up giving me some very useful contacts!

Eric Buchegger

Mobile & Digital Transformation @ Allstate | Marketing, Communications & Social Media Strategy | Speaker

February 7, 2010, Eric worked with Eric in the same group

Eric is a highly skilled, passionate and knowledgeable individual. For the most recent League of Kickass Business People event, he took charge in crafting an interesting topic and speakers, and he moderated a very engaging panel discussion. We received very positive feedback from attendees, it was fantastic event.

Mack Flavelle

Fat Cat at CryptoKitties

February 6, 2010, Mack worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric organized a panel discussion I participated in and he was a dream to work with. He was able to round up a great group of presenters and an audience that genuinely wanted to participate. On top of that he worked one-on-one with me to perfect my presentation and make sure I was ready to rock. Eric also did a great job of facilitating the discussion and making sure the entire process was on track and an engaging experience for everybody involved.

Mark Magnusson

UX Design Director, 15+ years shaping customer-centric experiences for top digital brands

February 6, 2010, Mark worked with Eric but at different companies

Superb job! Eric brought his A-Game as the Facilitor of the LOK Event on “Gaming Isn’t Just for Gamers Anymore”. He tapped into some great thought provoking ideas and discussion by organizing four very different Speakers with diverse perspectives. I especially liked his pre-event online approach of a quick 3 question interview that set the tone for us Speakers as well as the audience.

Steve Bocska

CEO Pug Pharm Productions Inc.

February 6, 2010, Steve worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric did a fabulous job of wrangling up the panel for this event and making sure things ran smoothly. Well organized and well run.

Ruth Spink

Head of Marketing

February 5, 2010, Ruth worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric produced a fantastic LOK event for the gaming and marketing community in Vancouver. His chosen topic provided insightful and compelling discussion. He ensured the environment was relaxed and fun so people could easily connect.

Ian Clark

Co-Founder @ & Advisor at

February 5, 2010, Ian worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric put on a well organized and engaging event. I was extremely impressed with the effort he made to connect people. I would highly recommend attending or speaking at one of his events.

Duane Woods

Audio Video Design Specialist at Simon Fraser University

February 5, 2010, Duane worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric is an superb facilitator and moderator. He has the ability to hold an audience’s rapt attention with a clear, well-planned presentation full of pertinent examples and real-world applications. Eric facilitates panel discussions in professional manner that balances audience questions with further panel discussions and dissection of the topics at hand. The topic and panel of speakers was well-chosen from the gaming industry, with a particular range that allowed engagement into issues while enabling different viewpoints to be heartedly debated. Furthermore, Eric’s ability to engage members with each other according to skills and business compatibility is unmatched, for he facilitates not only formal discussion, but the equally important individual discussions where his direct contact brings like-minded people together.

Kirk Hutton

Living the dream: working at Tesla!

February 5, 2010, Kirk worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric planned a kick-ass event, and it’s not just because that’s the name of the group. It was planned very well, great resources, catering, volunteers at the bar and at the door, and many other things I’m sure I didn’t notice because they were done very smoothly.

Eric pulled together not only a wide assortment of highly trained and skilled people as an audience, but he also managed to bring together a highly insightful panel of experts. I think he kicked off a very valuable discussion that will benefit not only the blossoming gaming industry in Vancouver, but will also bring gaming concepts (design, access to markets, etc…) closer to business development and marketing in the years to come.

Ryan Arndt

Business Development, Educator, Marketing Strategist, Maker, Membership/Customer-focused

February 5, 2010, Eric worked with Ryan in the same group

Eric did a great job facilitating and organizing the League of Kickass Business People event! The speakers were great, I loved hearing the different perspectives on game futures, and the topic was top notch! Leading edge event for a leading edge and kickass crowd.

I will most definitely be heading to more League of Kickass Business People events in Vancouver thanks to Eric’s work. 🙂

Kathy Enros

Vice President, Talent at ACL

November 8, 2009, Kathy was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric brought a strong marketing through process and methodology to our organization. Initiatives were always well researched and well thought-out. Eric is also very strong in the area of corporate communications both internally and externally. He always thinks through the big picture in all of his efforts. Eric is also a pleasure to work with.

Mario Canseco

President at Research Co., Columnist, Business in Vancouver.

July 12, 2009, Mario worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is a talented and experienced communicator and marketer who makes full use of all available tools and resources to help the business improve. During his time at Vision Critical, Eric played the role of “corporate peacekeeper.” He never leaves the room until every point has been discussed, and all sides have had a chance to voice their concerns. From these discussions we have developed solutions, which reduced time to market for several projects, and allowed us to build stronger relationships between teams.

Andrew Grenville

CRO & author of The Insights Revolution: Questioning Everything (now available from Amazon and Maru/Matchbox)

July 6, 2009, Andrew worked with Eric in different groups

Eric Brooke is a professional, thoughtful, inventive and provocative marketer and communicator. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric on a number of projects, most recently and most deeply on a task force charged with rebranding Vision Critical and Angus Reid Strategies. In this role, Eric brought a tremendous amount of energy, branding experience and resourcefulness to the task. He did an excellent job balancing the need for being a team player with being willing to challenge conventional thinking and the status quo – a role we needed him to play.

In addition to understanding marketing, Eric also has a deep knowledge of communication, change management and organization development – in our case bringing a company brand/vision to life for staff and customers. This is something that sets him apart from those who have only had experience with traditional marketing and will be truly valued by those who require successful transformation.

Jason Smith

CEO @ Klue | Competitive Intelligence for Enterprise Sales

July 1, 2009, Jason was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric is a prolific thinker and one of the most well read individuals I know. While he is skilled in Marketing and Communications, he is a strategist at heart, looking for greenfield to take companies and pushing organizations to consider bold new directions. While visionary in his thinking, Eric is equally tactful in his negotiation. He is one of the few people I’ve met who can succintly articulate and communicate multiple sides of an issue without offending anyone in the room. He knows when and how to move around roadblocks, invite debate, and get things done. Eric is someone who can really make a difference in organizations large or small if given the runway to do so.

Monique Morden

Chief Executive Officer at Lendified

May 28, 2009, Monique was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric has quickly learned the ins and outs of two industries: research and software. He has also played an instrumental role in bringing the two sides of the business together to work more closely and in an integrated fashion. He gave Angus Reid Strategies a voice at the marketing table when previous we had none.

He also has a terrific sense of humour – as long as you like dry British witt!

Kevin Grzybowski

Company Builder- We’re Hiring!

March 19, 2009, Eric worked with Kevin in the same group

Eric is a strategic thinker who asks the tough questions to help our organization define who we are in the market, where we want to go, and how we want to get there!

Mike Rodenburgh

Executive VP at Ipsos

March 17, 2009, Mike worked with Eric in different groups

I can’t say enough good things about Eric. He challenges you to think strategically, displays incredible leadership qualities, and is an accomplished consensus builder. Constantly thinking outside of the box, he is always looking to innovate and change things for the better. As a colleague he is casual yet professional, extremely hard working, and a skilled communicator. He quickly gains the respect of people around him and manages political situations with diplomacy and tact. I would highly recommend Eric to any company seeking a senior leader in marketing or communications and would happily provide more details personally.

Adam Paynter

Cornwall Councillor

March 10, 2009, Adam was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric worked very hard in his role at the Council. Many partnerships were formed and cultured, enabling better working.

Chris Ryan

Director of UX & Product Design

March 8, 2009, Chris worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is one of those people who sees the bigger picture. Insight, experience, and leadership combine to bring out the best in people, and get results. And he’s fun to work with.

Jeff Schaeffler

Director of Marketing at SEDNA Systems

February 18, 2009, Jeff reported directly to Eric

If your not considering Porters Five Forces or Ansoff’s Growth Matrix in your marketing then you need to speak with Eric.

Eric has a strong background in marketing strategy and theory. To him, marketing is more than the copy and design of an ad. He looks at all aspects of marketing from conducting a business review to evaluating results. He is particularly passionate about understanding your target audience and testing any creative work. He’s also a good listener and a great cook.

Stephen Taddei

Business person and such.

February 16, 2009, Stephen reported directly to Eric

Eric is an excellent leader and facilitator of employee development. Eric gave me the opportunity to completely change my role, during this changeover he has been a great coach – helping me developing the theory knowledge as well as the practical application. He has been crucial in helping the Marketing & Communications department step up. Before he arrived a lot of our work was solely tactical, now we are becoming a good mix of strategic and tactical. As a department we have taken leaps forward not only in the quality of our work but in the overall organizations’ realization of the importance and contribution of the work we do.

Matt Celuszak

CEO | creating trust in human data

February 8, 2009, Eric was senior to Matt but didn’t manage directly

Eric came to Vision Critical about half a year ago and we are already seeing the results. His style is engaging, his personality energetic, but not overbearing, and his messaging is always on point making him a true value to our corporate reputation and our communications efforts. Eric listens to the company’s heartbeat, it’s employees, to succinctly and eloquently present the company’s persona to the public. Couldn’t be a better man for the job!

Andy Morris

Chief Innovation Officer at YouGov

February 4, 2009, Andy worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is that rare commodity; a man of both ideas and actions. His enthusiasm for everything that he does is contagious and provides inspiration for his team. He is able to simulataneously provide strategic direction to a multi-faceted company and to focus on the differing needs of the departments within that company. Importantly, he gets things done.

It has been a pleasure to work with Eric over the last few months and witness the amount he has achieved in a short period of time.

Caroline Wakefield

Communications Manager at BCLC

February 1, 2009, Eric was senior to Caroline but didn’t manage directly

It’s obvious when you first meet Eric that he understands the intricacies of communications at a very deep level, including interpersonal and non-verbal communications. Eric is a strong leader who learns the strengths of his team and recognizes how to facilitate the capabilities of his colleagues and staff. He is a passionate person and fully immerses himself in his job bringing creative ideas and strategic thinking to the table. He has made a significant impact to the marketing team and the entire organization in a very short time. Eric is a well rounded individual who works hard and will push himself to challenge others around him in work and life.

Manuel Zahariev

Aspiring Jedi

January 30, 2009, Manuel was senior to Eric but didn’t manage directly

Eric has brought a can-do attitude and global vision to a very demanding, multi-faceted portfolio inside Vision Critical.

He has been able to identify, express and promote a common corporate culture in a diverse, global organization during a period of explosive growth.

Eric juggles conflicting priorities within a multi-disciplinary group in a seemingly effortless way, delivering a cohesive, consistent marketing message.

Jason Apple

Mobile Restaurant Entrepreneur

January 26, 2009, Jason worked with Eric in different groups

Within a short period of time, Eric has done an incredible job of understanding the intricacies of a multi-dimensional service offering, offered tailored solutions to varied business units, and shown exceptional (and measurable) results. His ability to listen, apply feedback from cross-functional groups, and deliver relevant solutions to all key-stakeholders is quite impressive…he’s a tremendous asset and a welcome addition to the team!

Matt Kleinschmit

Founder & CEO at Reach3 Insights

January 24, 2009, Matt worked with Eric in different groups

Eric has an adept ability to multi-task in a dynamic and deadline-laden environment!

Kris Hartvigsen

Co-Founder of Dooly — Giving Teams Real-Time Sales Tools

January 20, 2009, Kris worked with Eric in different groups

Eric has a good nose for the market and is composed in his role. Having worked with him on several projects now to introduce our organization to Australia, I’ve seen quick, creative thinking and solid intuition in generating the plan of attack for the region. His fresh ideas and approaches have helped reshape and bolster the marketing group within Vision Critical Group and are very well received by his colleagues.

Mark Bergen

Helping high volume merchants do better e-commerce every day (I’m Hiring!).

January 20, 2009, Mark worked with Eric in different groups

In his capacity as VP, Marketing and Communications at Vision Critical, I have found Eric to be a wonderful addition to our team, bringing a potent combination of strategic and tactical thinking. As VP, Marketing for a rapidly growing and diverse company, Eric stepped into a very challenging role which has left him identifying, planning, and concurrently managed dozens of projects. In addition, he is a thought leader who has helped to shape our business and the story we tell to our market. I would highly recommend Eric for any senior marketing / strategy role.

Tim Chan

Marketing Research and Marketing Professional

January 19, 2009, Eric worked with Tim in the same group

It’s been great to have Eric as part of the Vision Critical Group team. I’m very impressed with how quickly he’s made things happen on the marketing and communications front in only six months with the company, launching the new Angus Reid Strategies website and driving the adoption of CRM. Under his watch we now get more regular updates from the leadership about what is going on, improved our media profile and also started training staff in various communication skills such as public speaking. Our company is growing rapidly and his professionalism, strategic approach and sharp, creative thinking have been most welcome. And I can’t say enough about his quick wit and sense of humour!

Shane Singh

Senior Director Support Services – Americas at Sophos

January 19, 2009, Shane worked with Eric in different groups

Eric’s ability to consolidate information from many disparate sources to form an overall strategic overview and outlook is second to none. He also possesses excellent communication skills that have had a positive impact in breaking down traditional silos within an organization such as ours.

Mike Leahy

SVP, Managing Director at Angus Reid Strategies

January 19, 2009, Mike worked with Eric in different groups

I have worked with Eric on a few initiatives and found him too be very professional and creative. On one project he suggested avenues of influence that improved the time to market for specific marketing material. On another he managed the resources of his team effectively to meet our agressive timelines. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

David Witts

Founder and Director of David Witts Independent Consultancy Limited

November 12, 2008, Eric worked with David in the same group

Eric is visionary and is passionate about ICT. His knowledge (both technical and strategic) and understanding of ICT is considerable. He is also talented in applying this knowledge to the business world – e.g. how it can be used for an organisation (enterprise and departmental) to be effective and how to ensure customers have a good experience (CRM).

His collection of vision, passion and knowledge creates a very stimulating environment to work in and was invaluable in the merger of seven organisations with a 1.15 billion collective turnover, in which he was a leader.

Even though Eric was a Councillor and I was an officer, I found our relationship more as an appreciative friend with both of us understanding how we needed each other’s support to deliver our goals.

I miss having Eric around now as he was always someone you could talk through an issue with and he would give you his honest feedback whether it was in support or against. This was a highly valued skill that really helped me in the decision making process.

I wish Eric the very best as he develops in his career and know he will add value to every organisation he works for and comes in to contact with.

Andrew Morris

Head of Digital/Ecommerce/Transformation – Seeking new opportunities

October 31, 2008, Eric was senior to Andrew but didn’t manage directly

Eric was a great person to work with, his energy and passion for what he was doing never faltered.

He was incredibly committed to his role and around the subject of getting communications right at the council, without Eric’s support and understanding I would not have achieved anywhere near as much as I have within the area of digital media.

Eric solid understanding of complex matters tied in with his innovative and creative thinking meant that solutions to problems were readily available. This meant that there was always progression in big areas, as Eric was driving things forward.

Eric had a strong strategic view and vision of what the organisation needed in his portfolio area, and he followed that vision through.

It was a lot of fun working with someone with so much energy and passion for what they were doing, Eric is a very inspirational person to have worked with, and I learnt a lot from him during his time at the council. Eric’s support during that time for what I was trying to achieve was invaluable. I would not hesitate to work with Eric again.

Jeremy Rowe

Freshly retired Cornwall Councillor

October 21, 2008, Eric worked with Jeremy in the same group

I was a County Council candidate with very little chance of election when I first met Eric. I remember him being very busy at the height of a keenly fought election, yet remaining calm throughout. He asked me a few key questions in order to obtain the exact information he was after and then proceeded to plan a campaign for me. Around a month later I was – to everyone’s surprise – elected. This was in large part due to the encouragement and drive Eric brought to the campaign.

At no stage did I have to worry about the mechanics of a campaign (leaflets, policy material, election expenses and so on) as these were all taken care of by Eric. In short, I don’t believe I would have been elected without his priceless support.

Dean Ashton

CEO at Reach South Academy Trust

October 14, 2008, Eric was senior to Dean but didn’t manage directly

It has been my pleasure to work with Eric Brooke since May 2005 when he became an elected Executive Cabinet Member of Cornwall County Council. Eric as a member of the Executive Cabinet has significantly contributed to the energy and vision for building a sustainable community. Whilst Eric has a corporate leadership responsibility for all aspects of community development and sustainability, his real strength is facilitating and inspiring innovation and creativity within both a strategic and operational context. Strategically, Eric led on the shaping of a Sustainable Community Strategy that defined a vision for a population of 500,000 citizens over the next twenty years. Operationally, Eric also has an eye for detail and is able to ‘roll up his sleeve’ and make things happen on the ground. As a natural leader he inspires and enthuses others at all levels.

Having a strategic governance role in a large and complex organisation, like Cornwall County Council, Eric has significant knowledge and experience of the performance management of strategic plans to ensure high level intention is linked up with on-the-ground impact. He has low tolerance for ‘talking shops’ that do not add value in terms of impact on outcomes for clients, either individually or as a community. A particular strength is his capacity to be both a team leader and team player. This has been evidenced by his ability to build a coherent partnership with purpose from a loose stakeholder group.

Eric has experience of managing and governing very large budgets both collectively (£1 billion Council spend) and individually (£71 million portfolio spend). This includes prioritising strategic imperatives and investment to establish a corporate budget plan as part of the Cabinet team. He also has experience of leading resource allocation and governance across complex partnership arrangements.

Eric has brought both specialist and generic skills to his leadership role within the Council, his constituency and the wider community. His ICT, marketing and media skills are clearly strengths and part of his passion. These are areas where he can not resist ‘rolling up the sleeves’ and getting involved. He also brings the qualities of an amazing work capacity and infectious ‘can do’ attitude to everything that he gets involved with. His positive approach to making things happen combined with his natural innovative style means that Eric not only identifies creative options for problem solving, he inspires confidence in others to get on and implement the solution.

It should be clear from the unequivocal and positive comments within this statement that I hold Eric’s leadership style and his qualities in the highest esteem. It has been a privilege to work with, and for, someone that provides such a clarity and excitement about making a difference. Eric is a true visionary and I would commend him to you.

Lindsey Hall

CEO at Real Ideas Organisation

October 11, 2008, Lindsey worked with Eric in different groups

As Community Services Executive at Cornwall County County, Eric led a number of new initiatives, championing better communication with the public, particularly through innovative approaches using new technology. An energetic and active councillor, Eric worked hard to address key strategic issues and to challenge entrenched positions, contributing much to the vision that now underpins Cornwall County Council’s move to a unitary authority. Eric is committed, enthusiastic and tempers a willingness to be outspoken with good humour and a relaxed style.

Ann Kerridge

councillor at Cornwall County Council

October 10, 2008, Eric worked with Ann in the same group

Eric was elected on to the implementation executive at Cornwall County Council by his colleagues. The executive’s task is to set up a brand new local authority for Cornwall, in place of the existing County and 6 district councils. Eric was elected chair of the customer access working group. he was enthusiastic, hard working and committed especially to creating a new culture which values customers and employees

Rupe Barthakur

Change Manager at Cornwall County Council

October 10, 2008, Rupe worked with Eric in different groups

Eric is an ispiration to many of us working in Local Government. He is passionate in championing the needs of the customer and can effectively articulate his vision. It was refreshing to work with a Cabinet Member who was able to work within a traditional framework but able to drive modern agendas and be able to take people with him. In debates Eric is comfortable in handling difficult challenges and sensitive issues with tact and confidence.

Polly Skinner

Dorector at Learning Partnership Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

October 9, 2008, Eric worked with Polly in the same group

Eric is a truly able and valued colleague. He re-inforces his knowledge and skills using language and writing effectively with care and sensitivity especially to persuade or influence people.

He is well balanced in his judgements and considers other points of view to inform his thinking and actions.

I enjoyed working alongside an intelligent and humourous person, whose views may sometimes not meet with those I hold, but none the less we worked with respect and trust within the Strategic Partnership environment. Eric is more than able to step up into a senior leadership role, and did so as Chair of the partnership when required. Eric also brought a wider dimension/perspective to inform decision making and is well respected by the Partnership as a whole.

Chloe Burnett

Acting Deputy Head Teacher at Rolvenden Primary School

October 9, 2008, Eric worked with Chloe in the same group

Eric was a very focussed and dynamic President of the Students’ Union who’s unwavering passion for his job inspired others to deliver.

Amir Bozorgzadeh

Cofounder & CEO at Virtuleap

October 9, 2008, Eric was senior to Amir but didn’t manage directly

Eric is a rare talent and has the tendency to play a significant role in any organization fortunate enough to have him on board. He is perceptive, shrewd and intuitive in his interactions with colleagues and the internal web of subtle relationships underlying all companies. Eric is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent individuals I have had to pleasure to meet.

Brain Higman

Owner, W.I.Higman & Son

July 31, 2008, Eric worked with Brain in the same group

Eric has worked with me on the Executive of Cornwall County Council over the last 3 years. He has worked tremendously hard to bring a Local government organisation into the modern world e.g. ensuring a customer focus, vigorous performance management, the development of a corporate approach and the use of innovative technologies. The result is the services he has led, have all delivered exceptional value for money and improved customer satisfaction.

Carleen Kelemen OBE

Inspirational leader and public speaker

July 16, 2008, Eric worked with Carleen in the same group

Eric’s contributions are highly valued. The agenda is a complex one and his ability to see both detail and “the helicopter view” helps clarify key issues for all regardless of the individual institutional agendas. Eric has excellent communication skills and often cuts to the point in a clear and focussed way.

Carolyn Webster

European Programmes and Funding Manager at Jobcentre Plus

July 14, 2008, Carolyn worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric demonstrates a broad knowledge of the project proposals and asks relevant, well-informed questions to ensure the right investment decisions are made.

Diana Mompoloki

head of Convergence at South West RDA

July 10, 2008, Diana worked with Eric but at different companies

The Convergence (European Regional Development Fund) for Cornwall and the isles of Scilly is investing approxiamately £350m (depending on exchange rates) over the next 7 years to stimulate the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly economy moving from low value employment to higher value knowledge economy based jobs.

Eric has been a member of the Convergenec Endorsement Group, this group is responsible for taking the investment decisions for the Programme based on a detailed appraisal based on treasury green book guidelines. The group have endorsed over £20m ERDF with public and private sector match of over £33m

Eric’s contributions have been concise, thoughtful and always valuable, ensuring a much higher level of debate over quite sizeable investments, both with the private and public sector partners. He brings a more considered analytical approach to the debate as well as a business background and a community interest. He has never allowed his role as a member for Cornwall County Council to influence his opinions or colour his view. He had always read the papers in detail, had made notes, listened to what others brought to the table but always managed to bring something new to the discussion or steer it from unneccessary detail into the real issues which would affest the decision to invest.

Eric will be sorely missed at the group.

Mark Williams

Project Manager interim at Cornwall Council

July 10, 2008, Mark worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric has always been passionate about his work for cornwall. He has presented as a strong character, challenging the establishment to work together for the benefit of the people of cornwall. In the funding group Eric has been an advocate for timely, pragmatic decision making where clear evidence of need and where tangible impact can be seen. He is willing to embrace and drive change in organisations and in partnerships which is refreshing.

Jeremy Rowe

Freshly retired Cornwall Councillor

June 19, 2008, Eric worked with Jeremy in the same group

Eric is an adaptable, innovative, clear thinker who is able to motivate those around him. I have always found him more than willing to share his expertise with others – myself included. It has been a pleasure working alongside him, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to an employer in almost any field.

Benard Deacon

Dr at University of Exeter

June 16, 2008, Benard worked with Eric but at different companies

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric over a two year period and have seen at first hand the way he was able to manage as committee chairman some very strongly held differences of opinion and steer participants towards a negotiated consensus. Eric has the ability to cut through inessential detail and focus people on the task in hand and can do so with considerable charm and humour when these qualities are required.

Phil McVey

Experienced Leader in EU Practice and Policy

June 12, 2008, Phil worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric has made a positive contribution to the work of the Advisory Group, ensuring that we have made sound investment decisions.

Paul Bason

Director Digital Innovation, MMU

June 10, 2008, Paul worked with Eric but at different companies

Working with Eric over the last couple of years has been hugely enjoyable – his vision is refreshing as is his tenacity in seeing things through. He is supportive of those around him and has brought about a great deal of change in the areas he is responsible for.

I recommend him highly!

Andy Moore

Non Executive Director

June 10, 2008, Andy worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric has shown a significant commitment to the work of the partnership despite numerous pressures on his time due to his role as a Portfolio holder for the council.He has shown a talent for thinking outside of the box as well as assisting in achieving concensus on difficult issues.

Felicity Owen

Director of Public Health at Cornwall County Council & Cornwall & Isles of Scilly PCT

June 9, 2008, Eric worked with Felicity in the same group

Eric championed developing a vision for the sustainable community strategy to complement and broaden the focus of the SCS for Cornwall.

Phil Gendall

Director at Wolf Rock Marketing

June 9, 2008, Phil worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric has ideas, energy and clarity, and is a pleasure to work with. Furthermore he really understands marketing and media. Although these are not unique qualities in a council executive, they are surprisingly rare!

Tarn Lamb

Chief Executive at Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change

June 9, 2008, Tarn worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric has been a great Vice Chair for the CSP. He has worked well with the Chair, particularly on developing a dynamic vision for the partnership and the various strategies that it is responsible for. Eric brings a range of new issues to the partnership from outside of the usual suspects. His commitment and passion for achieving real change for Cornwall are evident.

Bob Crossland

Manager at Cornwall and Isles of Scilly DAAT

June 9, 2008, Bob worked with Eric in different groups

Eric in his role as a county councillor and vice chair is a key player in ensuring that the CSP articulates and drives a strategy for Cornwall that will make a difference to the whole community.

Colin Jarvis

Deputy Director at Cornwall County Council

June 6, 2008, Eric was senior to Colin but didn’t manage directly

Eric has always performed his duties as Vice Chair of the Cornwall Strategic Partnership with commitment and enthusiasm. He has ensured that all views are considered and sought to find a positive way forward when challenging situations have arisen.

Paul Masters

Assistant CEO ( corporate director) at NCDC

June 3, 2008, Paul reported directly to Eric

Eric is the County Portfolio holder for a wide ranging area of work which includes multi agency partnerships focused on working together to improve the life of local residents.

Eric is an inspirational person who is committed to doing whats right and by encouraging others to do likewise.

I enjoy working with Eric and feel he is always open to new ideas and enjoys challenge.

Eric is also very supportive of those who look to him for leadership , guidance and support.

Paul Masters

Andy Martin

Director at Marengo Communications

May 30, 2008, Andy was a client of Eric’s

I worked closely with Eric in a freelance capacity. We would hire him again without a doubt. His work is well thought through and he brings an energy and enthusiasm to the workplace.

Sue Hill

Theatre-maker, Designer, Artist

May 29, 2008, Sue worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric is a breath of fresh air in local government. I always know I’m going to get a refreshingly direct contribution from him, totally guided by his principles and his drive to do the best for Cornwall and Cornish communities.

Chris Lines

Independent Communications Consultant at Chris Lines Communications

March 19, 2008, Chris was a client of Eric’s

I first met Eric more than two years ago when he joined the Welsh Liberal Democrat campaign for the National Assembly elections as a volunteer. He joined a busy team at a difficult time and instantly commanded respect and authority by getting a grip of a massive direct mail exercise to the whole of Wales.

As a result of this impressive work with us, I have kept in touch with him and he has proved helpful to the Welsh Party contributing ideas to our development plan and, more specifically, helping with our training programme and the training of candidates and activists.

It was therefore with pleasure that Eric made himself available to the Party for the General Election. He was appointed General Election Manager and took up the role of co-ordinating the many different strands of our campaign – from our press operation, to management of our web site; from campaign briefings for our candidates to liaison with the Federal party.

Specifically, he put together our grid of daily issues and events and managed the set-up of our daily press conferences and photo opportunities. He provided media comment for journalists and assisted with the briefing of journalists.

In his work, he demonstrated enormous commitment, a strategic and challenging mind and an efficiency, which got things done.

The outcome was an increase in the Party’s vote across Wales, the holding of our two seats and a vastly improved challenge to other parties in two target constituencies. These achievements are all made against the forecast of just about every commentator in Wales

Chris Lines

Chief Executive

Welsh Liberal Democrats

11 June 2001

Ross Williams

Director at Creative Kernow

March 18, 2008, Ross worked with Eric but at different companies

‘Business partner’ isn’t quite the right description, but that’s the most appropriate of what’s on offer. I’ve worked with Eric on a number of boards and strategic bodies; he’s been a great supporter of the arts and broader cultural activities in Cornwall and has made a real difference to their profile within the local authority.

Chris Humphrey

Looking for new job opportunities

March 15, 2008, Chris worked with Eric but at different companies

Eric is a very clear thinker, a good communicator and has a passion for his work.

Blair Thomson

Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional

March 14, 2008, Eric worked with Blair in the same group

Eric Brooke has experience in a wide range of sectors, has managed substantial budgets and led teams of senior staff. He has a dynamic and engaging personality, is eloquent in meetings, has strong leadership qualities and is an efficient organiser. He has an innate ability to translate creative strategic thinking into practical activity. He has helped to transform and improve relationships between local authority and private and voluntary and community sectors and is playing a key role in building a new unitary authority out of the Cornwall’s County and District councils. He is vice chair of the county LSP responsible for the Cornwall Sustainable Community Strategy and the development of the Local Area Agreement. In his current position he has transformed delivery services, increased efficiency and improved customer relations; developed new communications approaches; and assisted in the economic development of the creative industries in Cornwall.

Bill Taylor

South West Regional Manager at Digital UK

March 14, 2008, Eric worked with Bill in the same group

I have worked with Eric Brooke over the last three years on a range of projects to explore how interactive digital television and internet sites can be used to improve the quality of life for people in Cornwall, many of whom live in areas of significant poverty and isolation.

Eric has been the driving force in revolutionising how Cornwall County Council communicates with ordinary people and how it helps them.

He is an unusual combination: fierce creative energy aligned with the political and administrative skills to make multi-million pound projects happen.

Eric turned his back on national politics because he believed he could do more at county level to enhance people’s daily lives: and he is right.

I like his company and his ideas. I admire his work.

He seems to me most at home with big projects that have a significant social impact.

I wish him future success and will be happy to recommend him.

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