Starting a tech company -co founders

So, eventually my brain connected a few dots  and came up with a big idea. BIG yes because it means changing the way the world works. For the better I think and feel, there are no mass murders planned, it will mean people doing less but with more depth.  The journey that has being interesting in getting to know Vancouver and its support for building a business.

So I met everyone I could through my friends and their connections. There are a lot of networking events which are attended by professional networkers.  I tried BC American Marketing Association, League of Kickass, Connect, Launch Party.. And through these I meet some of the good, bad and the ugly, I met a few stars who took the time to answer my overfilling wardrobe of questions..  I knew I was looking for a tech guy who could not only scale up himself but make the tech scable, who had worked in enterprise and but had also actually delivered small projects on his own,  I needed a artist who understands expression and  usability but also was a through tester and than had grown beyond that..  And we need to like each other because I wanted us to be all from different backgrounds..  Why these two roles because I believe form and function should be developed together, I think this one of those things that Apple has got right and Google is still learning.  I was also looking for 2 other people who wanted to build something, something big, a community a new form of company, that would grow in Vancouver to become its own medium/large company.. and one not intended to be sold.  The surprising thing is I think and feel I have found them!


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