Looking at the next 5 Years

So here is my view of what will happen in the next five years.
Next 5 years
With most populations (first world) set to decline over the next 20 years. I believe that Governments in the first world will start to compete heavily for talent, in part due to the need to generate enough tax from business to support the elderly. This will lead to businesses becoming more effective at using their actual workforce, rather than just using them for the job they were employed for.

Systems will catch up and make network business, project management, matrix & network management more dominate.

I believe the mouse will be dead in the next five years, with all our computer monitors having touch screen capability(without the grease problems). In addition our phones will be a credit card thick. Virtual reality will become available for the average person, starting with games , science and academia. Video Conference will be at such high quality that people will start to trust and rely on it. Electronic paper will be used for Newspapers, magazines and books.

We will start to see AI’s that become competent at solving a wide range of cognitive problems, and offering solutions- to the point but not quiet personalty. E.g. Goggle Version X. Virtual games will exist where you play yourself against or with other people and AIs

Oil will return to pre-recession prices plus, the Peak OIl problem will be back on the agenda. Governments will ensure that the Car manufactures solve the problem.

I have a few more ideas but I would like to know you think will happen in the next five years?


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