We are humans not resources

I strive to never refer to another Human as a resource.

I see this as diminishing another human. It encourages the use of humans as cogs in a factory, or merely a chess piece, or as just a number on a sheet. It encourages using a human like a box that can be moved without consideration of their needs, desires or talents.

I think it lacks understanding about the human condition, it lacks empathy. And whilst common amongst business leaders it also lacks an understanding what makes that human unique. Or dare I say how we should lead other humans.

Are we not Authentic? -> I find it is ironical for companies that claim they want you to bring your authentic self to work and than they reduce you to a resource like a $

We perform each skill differently (I call this skill style) -> The reality is that everyone is unique in some way, that even if you code or close books or sell something or create some thing new, you will likely do it differently then another human.

What gets you going? Passion -> Each of us is passionate about something, but we display it in so many different ways. Our emotionality is tied to everything we do, sometimes subtle but its there and I am grateful that we have not all become emotionless, sociopathic creatures. Maybe a enough on zoom will turn us all that way :-O

Words have power, if you use a word consider the impacts it has on other humans.

Would you stand up in Town Hall and say “Welcome Resources”?

How do you think humans would respond, or feel or think?

My suggestion to you, stop referring to another human as a resource..


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