Numenera Character Sheets

These were designed for second edition of the Numenera Roleplaying game. I designed these to be functionally sheets as you grow from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

Page 1 – Basic+ Abilities

  1. Put each ability inline with the Characteristic in uses e.g. Intellect
  2. Add boxes so you can record the book and page number
  3. Be able to put the multiple Focus you gain as you level up

Page 2 Skills + Combat

  1. Break out combat skills away from Skills, so I do forget them
  2. Clearly state Speed Effort
  3. Multiple Armours
  4. Multiple Armour Training
  5. Explicit Defense and Training level e.g. Trained or Specialized
  6. Weapon Training in types of Weapons comes a thing
  7. Player Intrusions get forgot
  8. Add page Numbers for commonly lookup areas

Page 3 Numenera

  • Space for Numenera in each category
  • WIP

Whats Next

  • Equipment Sheet
  • Salvage Sheet
  • Evolving from very functional design

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