Visual overview of Ruby on Rails


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Version 0.1 – credit Brooke and Eric

Version 0.2 – Made full size, made core library labels bigger, bold text and strengthened lines – credit Andrius and Trevor

Version 0.3 – Make it clearer , between the different core libraries – credit Chuck

Version 0.4 – Get the capitalization right for Classes and Modules – credit BLITZCRUNK123 (Reddit). Have also added more and defined the difference between capabilities and Class/modules.

Version 0.4.1 Make it clear what the version is for- credit _jeffJohnsonsBookEmp  (Reddit)

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  1. Hi,

    I like the idea, unfortunately the image resolution is too low to read the words. Could you link to a bigger image?


    1. Thank you Andrius, good call, I have made the image higher quality, and put the full-size in the blog, if you link on it will give the full-image and you should be able to now zoom in and out 🙂


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