If you really cared, you would stand for election!


Rant… to a friend.. now even more rant like.. If you really cared, you would stand for election!

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world”  Mahatma Gandhi

Nothing human is perfect. Can you imagine if you were doing your job and there was an anti-you pointing out every mistake not to you but the media. Yet that is what we expect of politicians. How many business people could cope with that, strike that, how many humans..

Then we expect them to make statements that they will stick with for several years, even though the world changes.. could you imagine running a business or a charity that way.. shit happens, the world changes, who believes predictions anyways.. when governments have to plan they have to account for everything.. everything.. no wonder it does not always work out..

But its so slow.. Making decisions in government takes time, because they care about the stakeholders, they have to listen and balance and often compromise between the different stakeholders, else its called a DIC TATOR SHIP..the real shit is sometimes the decisions is irreverent because the world moved on..

In the end the political system reflects its electors..

  1. you want to see leadership, let politicians make mistakes like the rest of, expect less of the angel and accept that we are all angels and demons trying to make choices through life.. and when you are angry tell them and why, and when you think they are awesome tell them and tell them why.. treat them like a human being.. we all need feedback and not every four years, stupid, in the moment.. Can imagine your partner giving you feedback every four years?
  2. you want to see more choice in political parties fund political parties and accept coalitions
  3. you want to see better use of your money start voting on the long term record not on the last thing that pissed you off..
  4. you do not want politicians all from rich backgrounds or at the end of their lives, then make sure they can a good salary and expenses to cover the expenses.
  5. you want com·pe·tent and well trained staff to support the government, make sure they are paid enough to pay off their education, continue to get training and maybe even afford a house!

The worst part of it is as humans we tend to remember the negative ads or the decisions in hind sight were poor (yeah fucking hindsight).. who says critical thinking is dead..

Make a choice: forgive or try something new out or create a new choice i.e. you standing for election..

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”  Plato

P.S. The reality of spoilt votes, is no one cares. Congratulations you have actually excluded yourself from the actual decision process, just costing the election more in the process by counting and recording your vote.

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  1. 1. Agreed.
    2. Doesn’t work that way. The Greens have made the most inroads of any party in decades and look how far they’ve gotten.
    3. Not in power means no voting record.
    4. Better to eliminate candidates ability to spend anything but public funds on campaigns. Then at least it’s an equal playing field.
    5. Agreed.

    I’m not saying the problem is intractable, but you have to overcome people’s mentality of “I don’t want to throw away my vote on the little guy.” There’ll likely be half a dozen extra red seats tonight because people didn’t vote strategically. And while voting with your conscience is the Right Way (TM), it only serves to re-elect people who won’t change the system because it got them there in the first place.

    Show me a fair voting system and I’ll show you an engaged electorate.


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