Good blogs to read for tech startups

I was recently asked what are the sites or the blogs you keep up to date with. I will not add the solely programming sites I follow.  Happy to take other recommendations to add to the list 🙂

First without a doubt subscribe to the Startup Digest

hacker news is very popular but it is a fire hose of information –

Personal Blogs

Dave Mcclure

The street fighters of startups. Connected with 500.

Brad Feld

This guy is doing a lot to help us understand startups and the communities they need to exist. His blog is more personal , you feel like you know part of him and his journey. Connected with TechStars.

Fred Wilson

A man with a lot of wisdom. He has built up an impressive community in which he engages. Connected with AVC.

Steve Blank

Occasionally has some really interesting posts

Eric Reis

This used to be a really good site but now just feels like a marketing machine

Knowledge Sites

InfoQ – I love InfoQ they have great videos, great tips on how to handle specific technical issues

Smashing magazine – For design it is the king of the hill –

Mozilla Developer Network – My favourite reference site for web stuff

W3Tech – Which technologies are in favour – – just in case you do not know – do not just watch the videos you thinking might be interesting, find ones that may challenge or add another perspective to your life..

DZone – The odd good technical article –

News Sites

TechVibes – Great for Canadian startup news –

GeekWire –

Tech Crunch I used to read this but its re-design actually offends me –

Community, Incubators and alike

Startup Weekend

Awesome fun for your weekend and a great way to find people you want to work with.

500 startups

The place for the scrappy startup


The professional startup educators. Check out their online TV series “The Founders”

Y Combinator

For the elite and the top of the class


Accelerator based near the best boarding and skiing on the planet

Angel List

For the startups look for funding

Business Model Innovation Hub

Formed out of the Business Model Generation Book


37 Signals

Signal vs. Noise – a company blog, which occasionally has really interesting articles.

what if


Who did I miss?

You see the format tell me who I should add, thanks 🙂

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