Thoughts on the cultural evolution

Here are some of my thoughts on the future of culture and identity.

Language will evolve 

I believe the the barrier of language will disappear and it will become more of a your style of communicating, the way you think and your values, that will differs us.  Technology will start easily translating the basics, whilst at the same time the tidal wave will push people to learn english for business and travel.. India got there sometime ago and China is already make leaps in getting their population to have english as their second language. English schools (teaching as a second language )is one of the fastest if not the fastest growing industry.

A global culture

I will think we will see a greater merger of national cultures online; currently it is very English speaking American.  We already see it happening with entertainment.  Bit by bit I see more trends coming out of smaller countries in terms of word usage, behaviours, etc. Perhaps merger is the wrong word, as I feel that it will be something different more complex than any one national culture.

Evolving communities

A lot of product and services are still built in a western methodology in terms of process and systems. Of course Japan has already influenced this in certain sectors e.g. cars and consulting. I think we will start to learn more alternate ways of encouraging community and collaboration from the rest of the Asian countries.

Cultural experience

For us lucky few who were here and now, who could benefit from cheaper flights, which allowed some of us to travel around our country or even the world.  Exposure to other cultures I think deepens understanding for those willing to learn and may also give us a greater appreciation of our culture.  Of course it is all about the experience, who you meet, the events that occur whilst you are in that country. Serendipity really.

Expressions of culture

Through software and the advert better quality camera, whilst still becoming cheaper – Film has dropped  in terms of cost, other countries are able to enter the film industry again and reveal their thoughts, fears and dreams to us.  At the same time our ‘tolerance’ for low quality production has risen. Allowing a rise of new media producers use smart phones and free software to create something.

Distribution of culture

Starting with the Internet we have greater access to each other, it helped globalise culture distribution.  Successful open global platforms have increased our ability to share such as YouTube. Even global closed systems such as Xbox live or iTunes are allowing us to explore new avenues of communication and access media once hard find such as music.


We are demand more transparency from everything, governments, corporations, food etc.  I don’t see this declining in fact I see it having a massive impact on the future of business.


If you live in the first world immigration is occurring, in fact there is alreadly competition to get the entrepreneurs of the future, best skilled or the hardest workers.  Countries where there are more older than younger people are seeing their budgets slowly shift tax dollars to health and social care. Combine this with a reduction (in the richer nations) of child birth means they will run out of money to support their older population.  Some countries are thus trying to make it easier for young people to move to their country.  I think within ten years countries will start paying immigrates to move there.  I think this trend will mean people will start to move countries more often and be exposured to multiple countries in depth.

In conclusion

I think these trends will take decades, probably a lot of pain. It may be sped up by global tragedy or an alien invasion.  If we don’t get wiped out by us or others.  The end result I see is one human race with a greater understanding of itself and each other.  Personally I believe in Infinite diversity infinite possibility as it will give us a greater opportunity to survive as a race.

What do you think or feel?


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  1. Interesting thoughts Eric, I look forward to the day when we live in a true global village where people don’t identify themselves along nationalistic, racial or religious lines. I hope the emerging global culture turns out to accomodate a rich tapestry of all the world’s cultures and languages – rather than a bland Americanization of everything.

    I definitely agree with your point that there will be intense competition among nations for entrepreneurs who can create real jobs. It used to be that someone who wanted a better life immigrated to Canada, US, Australia or Europe. I think that is changing and many developing countries now have crucial advantages of younger populations, higher birth rates, new post-industrial infastructure and much lower debt.


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